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Hours: 35/W
Dates: June 24th-Aug 23rd
8 Weeks
Pay: $17


The summer program Co-ordinator will work alongside the National Camps Co-ordinator for FCA Canada to organize and facilitate summer camps. They will be responsible for providing direction at and during programs with student athletes, volunteers, and parents as well as leading different sport and activity progressions during the camp week. They will work in a group or pairs to complete the daily tasks including check in, safety checks, and sports games. The summer students will also brainstorm and implement new initiatives that will further a holistic approach to the student athlete development. This role is important in preparation and execution of FCA Sport Summer Camps.

1.    Assist the Camps Coordinator in planning, organizing, and executing all aspects of the camp program.
2.    Coordinate the registration process, including assisting with camper enrollment, collecting necessary paperwork, and maintaining accurate records.
3.    Assist with the development and implementation of camp schedules and activities, ensuring a balanced and engaging program for campers.
4.    Supervise and provide guidance to camp volunteers, ensuring adherence to camp policies, safety procedures, and program guidelines.
5.    Assist in managing and maintaining camp facilities, equipment, and supplies, ensuring they are clean, safe, and in good working condition.
6.    Assist with the coordination and supervision of daily camp operations, including check-in and check-out procedures, transportation arrangements, and parent communication.
7.    Collaborate with the Camps Coordinator in evaluating camp programs and making necessary adjustments to improve the overall camper experience.
8.    Assist in resolving conflicts or issues that may arise among campers, staff, or parents, implementing appropriate disciplinary measures when needed.
9.    Ensure compliance with all health, safety, and licensing regulations, maintaining accurate documentation and records as required.
10. Provide excellent customer service to campers, parents, and staff, addressing any concerns or inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
11. Maintain a positive and inclusive camp environment, fostering a sense of belonging and respect among campers and staff.
12. Perform any other duties or responsibilities assigned by the Camps Coordinator or Camp Director.
1.    Previous experience working in a camp setting or coordinating youth programs.
2.    Strong organizational and multitasking skills, with the ability to effectively manage multiple responsibilities and deadlines.
3.    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work collaboratively with camp staff, parents, and campers.
4.    Knowledge of camp programming and activity planning, including experience in developing engaging and age-appropriate activities.
5.    Familiarity with health and safety regulations related to camp operations, and the ability to ensure compliance and maintain accurate records.
6.    Experience in staff management, including training, and supervising camp staff members.
7.    Ability to handle and resolve conflicts or issues that may arise among campers, staff, or parents, utilizing effective problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
8.    First Aid and CPR certification, or willingness to obtain certification prior to the start of the camp season.
9.    Flexibility and adaptability to work in a dynamic camp environment, with the ability to quickly adjust plans and respond to changing needs or circumstances.
10. Positive attitude, enthusiasm, and passion for working with children and creating memorable camp experiences.
11. Ability to pass a background check and meet any other requirements set by the camp or regulatory agencies.
12. Valid driver’s license and access to reliable transportation, as some travel and transportation coordination may be required.
These qualifications will help ensure that the Assistant Camps Coordinator is well-equipped to fulfill the responsibilities of the role and contribute to the success of the camp program.

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