Senior Camp Leader

Harmony Baptist Church, Hamilton, Ontario

Children's summer day camp.

The Senior Camp Leader at Boomerang Day Camp, Harmony Baptist Church, Hamilton, will oversee the planning, coordinating and executing of the summer day camp program for children 4 – 13 years of age.  They will work in conjunction with the Pastor of Family Ministries, the other Camp Leaders, and the Summer Ministry Committee.  This position is full time, for 8 and possibly 9 weeks, approximately June 17 – August 16, 2024.  The camp program includes field trips, recreation, creative programming, crafts, and spiritual content.  This position is suited to someone who loves children, and who ideally has previous experience in some form of children’s activities or ministry.  They are creative and possess skills in leadership, teamwork, communication and digital technology.  It is open to mature, post-secondary (or beyond), ages 18 – 30.