Tree Planter

Integrity Reforestation Inc.

We are a tree planting company. 5.5 million trees for 2024.

The worksite that we plant trees on is called a block. This is an area where a forest once stood that was harvested for the lumber industry. It is our job to replace that forest. A block is usually a full or semi clear-cut area, usually with a bush road cutting through it and a tree line as an outer boundary. Blocks come in all shapes and sizes and are generally dominated by certain species of trees. There will be times when the entire camp is on the same block, and other times when one crew has a block to themselves. 

The job of your crew boss is to manage the block, and make sure the entire area is completely planted with good quality and correct species allocation. They do this by dividing the block up into small chunks known as “pieces.” To do this, they use a variety of different flagging tape colors. A typical piece will have the road as the front boundary, the tree line at the back and two different colors of flagger on their left and right sides. Each planter will then be assigned their own “piece.” 

Once you have received a piece, you are now responsible for this chunk of land. It is your job to plant the correct species in the correct areas and cover the land with a general six-foot-spaced grid pattern over the entire area. We use three different species of trees; jack-pine, black spruce and white spruce. (Later in this section, we will go into further detail about proper species allocation.) 

Once you have completed your piece and are confident the entire area is covered and the trees and planted with good quality, your crew boss will assign you a new piece. A quality inspector will then walk over the land in your previous piece and judge the quality of your work. They will determine if your piece passes or fails. If it fails, you will be instructed why it failed and required to go back and fix the quality issue. This is why it is important to do things right the first time. 

You will receive extensive training regarding how to properly plant a tree, and you will be continually evaluated and coached to improve as the season goes on by our management team. Our goal is to make you a skilled and reliable member of our company, and we believe we have what it takes to get you there.

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