Worship Leader

Village Church, GTA West

To see people transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus


The Worship Leader’s primary responsibility is to coordinate, lead, and creatively plan worship elements in services that are compelling, meaningful, gospel-centered, and Jesus-focused.



●      Technical Expertise: The ability to demonstrate a depth of knowledge and skill as it relates to a technical process or specialty. Acts as an expert in the specific field.

●      People Focus: Intuitively sees the needs and concerns of others and responds.  Collaborates well and has a servant attitude.  Builds rapport with others and wins them over.  Demonstrates a high Emotional Quotient (EQ) and the ability to read people.

●      Team Leadership: Able to demonstrate interest, skill and success in getting individuals to work together.  Casts vision and inspires teams. Influences, motivates, and empowers others to work towards a common goal and achieve greatness. Leads by example.  

●      Collaboration: Works cooperatively with others and follows through on assigned tasks.  It’s an all hands on deck approach to ensure deliverables are completed on time. Works together effectively with interdependent goals and common values and norms to foster a best team environment.

●      Flexible Thinking: Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment and effectively adapt to a variety of situations. The ability to understand and appreciate different and opposing perspectives, proposing ways to do things differently.  Displays a positive attitude in the face of ambiguity and change.  Your creative flexibility in complex situations leads to greater efficiency.



●      Contributes to and implements the creative vision for in-service elements relating to Worship Arts.

●      Completes responsibilities (service planning, rehearsals, team management and development, scheduling and communication) on time and joyfully, in collaboration with the right stakeholders.

●      Selects songs from the approved list that are fresh, engaging, and impactful.

●      Works with Worship Production to develop a team of dynamic and unique musicians who are passionate about serving the local church with their art and leading people into a focused time of corporate worship..

●      Works in close collaboration with the Site Pastor.

●      Collaborates on and assists in the execution of Worship Team events.

●  Ensures all responsibilities are completed in a purposeful, strategic and focused manner that points people to Jesus.

●  Acts as a servant by inviting, discipling, training and equipping others to serve. 

●  Ensures all responsibilities are produced, promoted and led with a high level of innovation and excellence, honouring God at the highest level. 

●  Acts with a sense of ambitious urgency, ensuring all work is completed wisely and impactfully.  Time is a gift from God.

●  Maintains an openness to being a learner by committing to continuous spiritual, professional, and self-development.

●  Contributes to the best team culture by participating joyfully and working well with peers.

●  Commits to thanking at least one volunteer on a weekly basis.

Demonstrates behaviour consistent with the Standard of Conduct as outlined in the Village Staff Handbook.



●      Services are culturally compelling and point people toward Jesus.

●      Volunteers serve joyfully and authentically out of the Good News that we are redeemed and have a purpose in Jesus. Everything we do points back to this.


●      Volunteer teams are healthy in number and commitment; they are equipped, engaged, and appreciated.

●      People are given the opportunity to use their gifts and talents in high-capacity volunteer roles – entering into the work that Christ is doing through the local church.


●      The Worship Team is representing the truths of Christianity to the world in insightful, creative, and gracious ways – representing Jesus in the surrounding culture.

●      Relationships are being pursued with unchurched people – connecting with them, inviting them to events and Sunday services.

●  Philosophically aligned with Village Church’s Mission, focus and strategy.

●  Fulfills character qualifications as highlighted in 1 Timothy and Titus.

●      Models a life and expression of Worship on and off the stage.

●  Fulfill the duties required of Village Church members as outlined in the ‘This is Village Church’ course.

●      Pursues a deeper relationship with Christ and greater spiritual growth through prayer, the gospel, and community. Is a disciple.

●      Demonstrates a high level of vocal skill.

●      Has an in-depth theological appreciation of worship and an understanding of basic church doctrines.

●      Proven ability to lead and develop vocalists and band members and give input on instrumentation and song arrangements.

●      The ability to capture, command and build rapport with a diverse audience drawing them in with charisma and authenticity



●      12 hours

●      Midweek (rehearsals and midweek events as needed)

●      We currently have our services on Saturdays but will be transitioning to Sundays in the next few months


To apply, click here to visit our application page. 

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