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To the Director of Social Justice,

I am a recent graduate of Redeemer University interested in pursuing my calling for justice as an advocacy specialist for the Office of Social Justice at CRCNA. As an honours history, politics, and business student at Redeemer University, and I am excited to bring my skills in research and writing in the realm of public policy to this position. I came upon this job posting through the Redeemer job board and recognized it as an ideal opportunity to further my interest in social justice issues as I consider a career in Law.

            In my education at Redeemer, I have developed skills in researching, writing, and presenting in multiple disciplines, all from a Reformed worldview. This includes public policy- oriented case presentations, business case studies on workplace harassment and labour laws, and historical research papers on secularization in the West. These skills were challenged and further refined at Oxford University, where I spent a semester learning in a fast-paced, research-intensive environment. My ability to adapt to a new culture, a secular teaching environment, and a highly exclusive yet antiquated research system is a testament to my adaptability and conscientiousness. Through all of this work, I have learned to develop organizational skills and a strong work ethic. My research and writing abilities allowed me to get recently hired as a part-time Research Assistant for Redeemer University. I see all work as an opportunity to realize my God-given capacity for productive work as a person made in the image of God, and I strive to do my best in whatever path I am called to. I am excited to apply these skills and attitudes to pressing social justice issues in North America, whether it’s the separation of families at the border (a potential violation of sphere sovereignty) or the consequences of Bill C-7 in Canada.

            I am excited to tackle issues of social justice from within a Reformed Christian framework that witnesses to the public while staying rooted in CRCNA’s commitment to the Reformed tradition. I would love to take part in an interview to discuss how I can contribute to CRCNA in more detail. I will follow up in two weeks to keep the conversation going.


Thank you for your consideration,

Aidan Timmerman





Aidan Timmerman




Redeemer University

–        Bachelor of Arts – Honours History Major, double minor Business/Politics

–        GPA: 10.8 out of 12 (3.86)

–        Completed: May 2021

Oxford Program

–        Associate student of Oxford University via Crandall University, Winter 2020

–        GPA: 3.75


–        Dean’s List: 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021

–        Provost’s List: 2018-2019


Career Skills

–        Analytical, focused, detail-oriented individual with a drive to succeed, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to take on responsibility.

–        Willingness to listen and receive constructive feedback

–        Administrative and organizational skills including time management, record-keeping, scheduling, correspondence, and filing

–        Teamwork skills involving coordinating time-sensitive tasks, communicating efficiently and effectively, and ensuring high-quality team outputs

–        Research experience in multiple systems and databases including StatsCan, Jstor, Pubmed and EbscoHost

–        Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite including Excel, Outlook, and Word

–        Experience in collaboration and service in a variety of contexts, from a factory floor to the classroom



General Labourer, Royce//Ayr Cutting Tools 2014-2016

–        Intensive manual labour requiring a strong work ethic and perseverance

–        Rotation through various tasks such as saw and tool cleaning, sandblasting, etc.

–        Assisting managers with special projects and administrative tasks such as filing reports, scanning documents, emailing customers, and database entry

Balancing Technician/Assembly, Royce//Ayr Cutting Tools 2017-2020

–        Training of new recruits in both assembling and balancing

–        Precision work with tolerances less than a thousandth of an inch

–        Creative problem-solving to analyze, assemble/repair and ensure a high level of quality control for custom made tooling

–        Fast-paced cooperation with multiple colleagues under tight deadlines in both ground-floor and office environments

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