Dawn Jade Sea Khoo


University Student, Bachelor of Science, Biology major

Ancaster, ON



Dawn J. S. Khoo
Dorm 31, Cranmer Court Townhouse
777 Garner Rd E, Ancaster, ON L9K 1J4
Cell: 289 600 2402/289 768 0978
Email: morninsglory@gmail.com

University Student, Bachelor of Science, Biology (major)
Redeemer University, Ancaster, Ontario

Professional Summary
⦁ Leadership and management skills in grooming and educating the younger generation
⦁ Self-disciplined in organizing tasks and achieving goals
⦁ Reliable and energetic with physical strength to lift and carry objects
⦁ Adept at strategising and planning to perform tasks exceptionally and efficiently
⦁ Well-organized with experience processing transactions, administrative support, preparing reports and statements of accounts
⦁ Reliable and dependable with track record of prompt and efficient service
⦁ Enthusiastic, courteous, polite and respectful service for high-value relationships and customer care
⦁ Intelligent, quickly absorbs facts, information and instructions for assigned tasks
⦁ Excellent time management in terms of punctuality and prompt delivery of service
⦁ Organized and dependable candidate successful at multi-tasking and managing priorities with a positive attitude
⦁ Ever willing to assume added responsibilities to meet team and department goals
⦁ Enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills
⦁ Motivated to learn, grow and excel in all endeavours

⦁ Decision-making
⦁ Analytical and critical thinking
⦁ Organization and time management
⦁ Administrative support
⦁ Business transactions
⦁ Product displays
⦁ Strategic planning
⦁ Product presentation
⦁ Teamwork and collaboration
⦁ Excellent in MS Office suite

Work Experience
Newspaper Carrier – Metroland Inc.
⦁ Carried heavy loads of newspaper bundles from distribution point and up a flight of stairs to home
⦁ Sorted and organised large amount of flyers and newspapers
⦁ Inserted flyers into newspapers before organising into neat bundles for convenience and ease of reading
⦁ Delivered newspapers and flyers to approximately 60 homes
⦁ Strategised most expedient delivery route
⦁ Reviewed routes and expected delivery time to determine prompt delivery in efficient order
⦁ Persevered through two long and challenging routes (high-traffic and secluded) in inclement weather and winter hours
⦁ Socialised and built relationships with neighbourhood clientele to serve their best interests
⦁ Responded effectively to neighbourhood clientele’s needs and enquiries
⦁ Served as intermediary between neighbourhood clientele and management to provide optimum support for smooth communication and customer-care
⦁ Maintained meticulous records of delivery and collections
⦁ Ordered supplies e.g. rubber bands, envelopes from management promptly as and when necessary
⦁ Designed and created greeting cards, collection envelopes, thank you cards and personalised,
eco-friendly gifts for neighbourhood clientele in order to spread good cheer and create bonds of friendship and neighbourliness
⦁ Collected subscriptions from neighbourhood clientele in courteous manner while fostering friendships and neighbourliness
⦁ Processed transactions – received payments and provided change expediently
⦁ Provided statement of accounts to management after each delivery

School Office Assistant
Father Fenelon Catholic School, Pickering, Ontario
⦁ Responded to student and parent enquiries in person and via telephone
⦁ Answered telephone calls and noted messages from parents, suppliers and stakeholders
⦁ Communicated with students via the PA system
⦁ Provided administrative support to school secretary as assigned
⦁ Documented matters for school secretary’s attention at the end of assigned shift
⦁ Fostered operational efficiency and compliance with school policies through effective administrative support

School Library Assistant
Father Fenelon Catholic School, Pickering, Ontario
⦁ Handled check-in and check-out process of library books and materials at circulation desk
⦁ Placed books on proper shelves when returned to circulation
⦁ Designed and created book displays during book fairs
⦁ Gained strong understanding of various methods for cataloguing books and reference material
⦁ Offered library clientele assistance and support in finding desired books and/or reference materials
⦁ Responded effectively to library clientele’s (teachers and students) enquiries
⦁ Stayed apprised on library policies and procedures to maintain standards smoothly and effectively

Father Fenelon Catholic School
Pickering, ON
St. Mary Catholic Secondary School
Pickering, ON

Accomplishments and Awards
⦁ Pursuing the art of ballet for ten years
⦁ Achieving the rank of Flight Sergeant in 856 Pickering Kinsmen Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
⦁ Training junior air cadets for future leadership roles
⦁ Member of junior 856 Pickering Kinsmen Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron air rifle team and received air rifle badge in recognition of air rifle skills during training
⦁ Joined White Pine Book Club and attended competition
⦁ Member of elementary school Glee Club with several amazing opportunities, for instance, performing for the Mayor of Pickering
⦁ Selected for Tim Horton’s leadership camp (recommended by Glee Club teacher)
⦁ I was also a member of my elementary school’s Eco Club, for instance, I participated in a video presented to Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

⦁ English
⦁ French

Hobbies and Interests
I love learning science, practising mathematics, learning about animals, reading classics and happy novels, listening to cheerful music and listening to audiobooks.
I am a girl of hopes and dreams; vision and enthusiasm for life. I love reading classics, and genres of fantasy, romance, comedy, fiction, cozy, happy, cottage core and adventure. They lead me to magical worlds and delightful moments in loving relationships along with the trials and triumphs of life. Ever since the age of five, I have danced a dance of joy – the elegant ballet – and to this day, I revel in twirls and pirouettes around my home. Nature, the flora and fauna of Mother Earth, fascinates me, as I often indulge in walking along long trails in the forests or sandy shores of the beaches. My passion for science continues unabated. I knew my calling to science ever since I was five years old. Since then, I have yearned to become a scientist – to learn how organisms interact, observe the marvellous reactions of chemicals and operations of machines. Complementary to my affinity towards science, is mathematics. I enjoy practising mathematics because it trains my mind and compels me to think. It is one big, complex puzzle that’s fun to solve! Swimming soothes my soul as I glide through cool, refreshing water and play in it. There’s more! I love all sorts of puzzles – mathematical, crosswords, word puzzles as well as jigsaw puzzles; including board games such as chess and Scrabble. Jigsaw puzzles are special, for my mother and I would always piece them together and revel in the satisfaction of completion as we admired our final result. I enjoy a good game of chess ever so often with my brother too. They are immensely enjoyable and an amazing workout for my brain cells!

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