Dru Graham

Dru Graham
777 Garner Rd. East, Ancaster

Cell: 705-309-8682 Email: ddgraham@redeemer.ca

Key Skills Include:

–        Strong Interpersonal Skills

–        Published writer

–        Strong Work Ethic

–        First Aid/CPR certified

–        Mental Health First Aid certified

–        Provincial Security Guard Licence

Personal Summary:

Psychology and Philosophy double major with experience in leadership and learning new tasks under pressure. Proven skills in project management, organization, and creativity. Able to provide employers with administrative support and professional communication skills.


●       Bachelor of Arts Degree- Redeemer University College (2016-Graduating April 2020)

o       Psychology Major

▪        Understanding of techniques in statistical analysis

▪        Collaborate with others in diverse group settings

▪        Understanding of physiological, emotional, cognitive and social determinants of behaviour

▪        Communicating with empathy towards others

o       Philosophy Major

▪        Effectively communicate orally and in writing

▪        Critically think and reason analytically

▪        Analyze and solve complex problems

▪        Exceptional reading and language comprehension

o       SunLight Leadership Scholarship (2016/2017)

▪        Demonstrated noteworthy leadership qualities and showed initiative in school, church or community involvement


Work/Volunteer Experience:

●       Research Assistant- Redeemer University College (October 2019- present)

o       Conducted literature reviews

o       Prepared interview questions

o       Maintained accurate records of interviews, safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary

o       Managed and responded to project related emails

o       Conducted and recorded face-to-face and/or telephone interviews with subjects, in accordance with predetermined interview protocol, data collection procedures and documentation standards

●       Leader of university debate club “The Academy”- Redeemer University College (May 2019- present)

o       Planned and scheduled campus events on behalf of the Redeemer University College

o       Coordinated marketing campaigns and saw them through to completion

o       Produced and taught educational material through Microsoft Office to club members

o       Hosted Redeemer University College funded events

●       Security Guard- Redeemer University College (September 2017-present)

o       Enforced Trespass to Property Act

o       Prepared professional, detailed incident reports and logs of daily routines

o       Exercised quality customer service skills

o       Conducted routine patrols of the property to ensure security

o       Use of cameras to monitor the property

●       Housing Advisor- Redeemer University College (September 2017-2018)

o       Lived in residence with fellow students and assisted in resolving conflicts

o       Planned and lead weekly dorm meetings relevant to the needs of the community

o       Performed administration tasks

o       Communicated issues and ideas between students and faculty

●       Member of the Activities committee (September 2017-2018)

o       Organized student events on campus     

o       Organized appointments between students and the committee

o       Collaborated in a group setting to create creative events for the student body

●       Worker- Heritage Baptist Church (June 2016-September 2016)

o       Maintained Church property both indoor and outdoor

o       Exercised quality customer service skills

o       Performed administration tasks

o       Assisted in directing Vacation Bible School Program in Ontario as well as the Dominican Republic.

▪        Position involved designing lesson plans, writing skits, leading worship and directing games and activities.

▪        Strengthened ability to work effectively with people of differing culture and language.

●       Camp Director/Worker- Harvester’s Baptist Camp (June 2015-September 2015)

o       Maintained property both indoor and outdoor

o       Exercised quality customer service skills

o       Performed administration tasks

o       Directed “Family Camp”: Responsible for occupying children aged 7-13 throughout the day for a week.

o       Strengthened problem solving, multi-tasking and organizational skills.

o       Filled role as camp director: looked after designated group of children over the course of a month.

o       Strengthened communication and leadership skills, maintaining a positive attitude in challenging situations.

●       Labourer- Len Crow’s Masonry (March 2014)

o       Construction work

▪        Worked as a part of a team, strengthened interpersonal skills

●       Volunteer- North Country Baptist Church

o       Youth worker in Trinidad and Tobago

o       Sunday school teacher

o       Performed administration tasks

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