Godsfavour Oluloto


Bachelor of Arts, Business, Honours Co-op Program

Redeemer University College, Ancaster, ON                              Expected Completion: April, 2024

                                           Major in Business Marketing and minor in Psychology



●        Quick and efficient learner with excellent problem-solving skills; able to adapt to all environments and effectively assess and evaluate complicated processes.

●        Creative and innovative mentality to increase productivity and efficiency in all tasks.

●        Determined ability to consistently accomplish objectives by acquiring a growth mindset, organizational talents, and detail-oriented skills through experience as a class executive.

●        Knowledge of software proficiency: experience in collecting, recording, and analyzing financial-related data with microsoft software such as excel, word, etc.

●        Exceptional leadership skills: athletic experiences have provided me opportunity in managing and leading a team, instilling proper communication and inspiring motivation throughout.

●        Understanding of the standard principles of accounting as demonstrated in my ability to ensure proper handling and reporting of financial data and statements.

●        Bilingual: can communicate fluently in English and French.



Learning Services Strategist

Redeemer University, Hamilton, ON                                                                      Jan 2020 – Present (part-time)

●        Successfully managing and assisting  student learning in first year economic courses.

●        Provided aid by developing innovative ways to explain difficult topics within the course material.


Financial Service Strategist

Redeemer University, Hamilton, ON                                                                 Sept 2020 – Present (part-time)

●        Strengthened organizational skills through conducting several bookkeeping activities related to accounts receivable such as journal vouchers and cash receipts.

●        Strong attention to detail as shown by facilitating the reconciliation of bank records and pension plans to aid the accounts receivables staff.

●        Team work ethic shown by accomplishing several tasks assigned outside of my daily objectives.


Food Service Personnel

Redeemer University, Hamilton, ON                                                                         Sept 2019-2020 (part-time)

●        Served diligently in kitchen, customer service, and cashier positions, resulting in achievement of the safest employee award in December 2019.

●        Strong skills in adaptability and time-management by executing duties and making sound decisions in a fast-paced environment, prioritizing customer needs and proper handling of food.




Community Service Zarr

Sahel Academy, Niamey Niger

●        Demonstrated collaborative efforts and leadership skills by directing committee meetings, interacting with members, finding new community service opportunities, and keeping record of all community service hours of each student in the school.


Student Mentor

Sahel Academy, Niamey Niger

●        Maintained a friendly personality when providing support and mentorship for youth, enabling and enriching their learning experience through the difficult social environment of high-school.


Basketball Coach

Sahel Academy, Niamey Niger

●        Team motivation and coaching abilities demonstrated through helping young basketball players develop and advance their athletic abilities as well as fostered proper work ethic in students. 

●        Strongly dedicated to instilling perseverance, motivation, and showcasing proper sportsmanship within all team members through proper collaboration and team-building, which in turn, led to higher success rates for the team.


Yearbook Director

Sahel Academy, Niamey Niger

●        Being director provided experience with problem-solving and building critical thinking skills as I was responsible for organizing meetings, developing plans, and implementing schemes in order to construct yearbooks that met all the necessary requirements for the school.

●        Engaged in photography, handled budgeting and printing, and developed captions for the yearbook in hopes to produce a series of memories never to be forgotten by the students.


Class Executive (President)

Sahel Academy, Niamey Niger

●        Strong communication and people-oriented skills led to being elected class president in which I further developed my organizational skills through directing, facilitating, and conducting meetings concerning budgetary needs, fundraising, and travel itinerary.

●        Applied interpersonal skills by encouraging communication between students, staff, and parents regarding event planning and establishing a collaborative and efficient class atmosphere.

●        Produced new fundraising ideas which resulted in achievement of generating the second largest amount of funds in the school’s history based on the creative ideas that I developed.


Class Executive (Shack Manager)

●        Strong work ethic and in-depth management demonstrated by developing time schedules, purchasing merchandise, and collecting and managing sales income.

●        Developed innovative ideas which increased sales as well as maintained customer satisfaction and interest. Oversaw general store operations to effectively lead the class into a profitable year.




Centre Back (Soccer)

Redeemer University                                                                                                                   

●        Defensive soccer player for the Redeemer Royals. Served as an important player by holding the line defensively and providing support for my teammates to boost confidence throughout.

●        Balanced a part-time job and full course semester while committing 5 hours per week to attending practice, training, and sports events.



Sahel Academy, Niamey Niger

●        Centre and Power-forward (Basketball)

●        Second Baseman and Shortstop (Softball)

●        100m, 200m, 400m, 800m Record Holder (Track and Field)

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