Kyra Schat


Social Work and Biblical & Theological Studies Student

Ancaster, ON

Kyra Schat
Ancaster, Ontario, L9G 3L1 — 289-237-3928 —                      
·      Third year student at Redeemer University, pursuing a double major in Social Work and Biblical & Theological Studies.
·      Hamilton District Christian High School, Hamilton, ON (Graduated June 2018).
·      Calvin Christian School, Hamilton, ON (Graduated June 2014).
Intern, Church & Community Engagement and Global Volunteer Program – World Renew (January 2021-Present)
·     Develop content and co-facilitate sessions for the Youth Justice Project, engaging students in conversations about missional living, community development, justice, and advocacy.
·     Assist in developing an anti-racism plan for the Church & Community Engagement team to implement in working with partner churches.
·     Communicate with World Renew’s partner churches to evaluate the strength of the relationships and potential for sustained and/or increased engagement. 
Assistant, Emergency Food Services – Neighbour to Neighbour (June-August 2020)
·     Worked alongside Emergency Food Services staff in the foodbank & warehouse in response to increased needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
·     Served clients in the foodbank, building relationships and providing resources and food packages.
·     Organized and packaged food in the warehouse for in-house pick-up and home deliveries.
·     Received and sorted donations from community members and other organizations.
·     Entered and analyzed data in organization’s database related to Emergency Food Services and volunteer activities.
Tutor, Learning Services Department – Redeemer University (2020-Present)
·     Work one-on-one with students in first and second-year classes, building relationships and assisting them in developing an understanding of course content.
·     Assist students in preparing for evaluations, communicating with professors, and developing effective study habits.
Teaching Assistant, Department of Core Curriculum – Redeemer University (2019-Present)
·     Assist in marking writing assignments and midterms for first and second year students in Redeemer’s core humanities and religion classes.
·     Monitor attendance and respond to student inquiries about course-related matters.
Research Assistant, Applied Social Sciences Department – Redeemer University (2019-Present)
·     Assist a professor in the department by writing elements of a manuscript to be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
·     Provide data processing assistance to a professor in the department for research projects and student assessments.
·     Assist with a variety of administrative tasks for the department.

Student Receptionist, Admissions and Financial Aid Office – Redeemer University (2019-2020)
·     Assist both current and prospective students in person, over the phone, and via e-mail.
·     Greet and host guests (prospective students, family members, visiting schools, etc.) during various events.
·     Complete various office administrative tasks.
·     Lead tours of Redeemer’s facilities for guests.

Student Assistant, Campus Services Office – Redeemer University (2019-2020)
·     Prepare for and host guests on Redeemer’s campus to provide positive and memorable experiences for all individuals and groups throughout the summer conference season.
·     Prepare for the upcoming school year by completing various administrative tasks necessary to welcome new and returning students.
·     Assist in hosting guests on Redeemer’s campus throughout the academic year.
Circulation & Processing Assistant, Peter Turkstra Library – Redeemer University (2018-2020)
·     Assist with processing of serials and donations (both English and French).
·     Assist patrons at the circulation desk (checking resources in and out, answering questions, etc.).
·     Collaborate with other library employees to ensure proper stack maintenance and complete other projects.
Note-Taker, Learning Services Department – Redeemer University (2018-Present)
·      Take notes in classes for students with learning challenges.
Cashier & Server, Gourmet Meats Ltd. (2016-2018)
·      Served customers in shop and at catered events.
·      Prepared food in shop kitchen for the shop and catered events.
·      Artistically presented and served food at catered events.
Volunteer Activities
City Kidz – Hamilton (2020-Present)
·     Visit children at their homes (physically distant) on Saturday afternoons during the COVID-19 pandemic while other regular programming has been suspended, delivering activities and lunches.
Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre – Hamilton (2018-Present)
·     Build relationships with the debt centre’s clients through various events such as dinners, games nights, etc.
·     Foster deeper relationships with particular clients by connecting with them outside of client events (meeting for coffee, phone calls, etc.).
Hamilton Out of the Cold – MacNab St. Presbyterian Church (2017-2018)
·      Served dinner to those in low income neighborhoods in Hamilton every Saturday evening from November to March.
Youth Discipleship Committee – First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church (2019-Present)
·     Engage in conversations related to driving goals behind First Hamilton CRC’s childcare programs on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.
·     Provide administrative support and advice to leaders of childcare programs and collaborate with them to facilitate programs that shape the faith, character, and learning of children and youth at First Hamilton CRC.
Worship Leading – First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church (2015-Present)
·     Lead church congregation in worship approximately one Sunday each month.
·     Plan the musical aspect of the worship service with the church leadership team approximately one Sunday each month.
Sunday Service Childcare – First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church (2010-Present)
·      Provide assistance in teaching and caring for young children attending church programs.
·      Provide assistance in caring for children with special needs for the sake of fostering a loving, safe, and inclusive church community.
Library and Resource Centre – First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church (2008-2019)
·      Catalogued, shelved, signed books in and out, and helped children and adults to find resources and reading material.
·      Copied sermon CDs for members of the congregation who were unable to attend the weekly morning service.
Student Affairs Committee – Redeemer University (2020-Present)
·     Serve as a sub-committee of Student Senate, discussing issues of significance to the student body.
·     Mediate between the student body and members of the administration.
Students of Applied Social Sciences Group – Redeemer University (2018-Present)
·     Participate in mentoring activities, as a mentee in earlier years and a mentor for other students in later years, focused on issues and interests of students studying in the Applied Social Sciences program.
·     Participate in community-based activities related to advocacy, education, fundraising, etc.
Redeemer Justice Club – Redeemer University (2018-Present)
·     Participate in conversations related to various social justice issues.
·     Plan events to invite other students in various programs at Redeemer to learn about justice from the perspective of various disciplines.
Best Buddies Vice President – Redeemer University (2018-Present)
·     Build relationships with members of the L’Arche Hamilton community with cognitive disabilities.
·     Organize community building events and activities alongside staff at L’Arche Hamilton. 
Campus Rep Team – Redeemer University (2018-Present)
·     Welcome prospective students to Redeemer’s campus on visit days by assisting with tours, question and answer sessions, and various other activities.
·     Host prospective students in residences to allow them to become more familiar with the community, build relationships, and ask questions.
Working at Teaching Children Hope Chair – Hamilton District Christian High School (2014-2018)
·     Provided leadership to a student group seeking to promote global justice through fundraising campaigns, raising awareness for various social issues, and promoting community building through pursuing justice in our school community.
·     Led group meetings and events by facilitating discussions, delegating responsibilities, and completing various administrative tasks.
Hearts for Hamilton Co-Chair – Hamilton District Christian High School (2015-2018)
·     Provided leadership to a student group practicing hospitality and pursuing justice in the city of Hamilton.
·     Organized fundraising campaigns, built connections between the school and local non-profit organizations, and encouraged members of the school community to be active members of their Hamilton neighborhoods.
Newcomer’s Committee – Hamilton District Christian High School (2015-2018)
·     Built relationships with international students new to the school in and outside of the classroom.
·     Organized and hosted events for international students to welcome them to the school and help them to integrate into the community.
Awards & Achievements: Academic
·      H.R. DeBolster Scholarship – Redeemer University (2020)
·      Provost’s Honour List – Redeemer University (2018-2020)
·      Academic Achievement Scholarship – Redeemer University (2018-2020)
·      Governor General’s Award – Hamilton District Christian High School (2018)
·      Liz Williams-Bottinga Memorial Scholarship – Hamilton District Christian High School (2016)
·      Double Honours Achievement – Hamilton District Christian High School (2014-2018)
Awards & Achievements: Leadership, Volunteer & Extracurricular
·      Sodexo Canada Award – Redeemer University (2020)
·      Leadership Scholarship – Redeemer University (2018)
·      Eric Kippers Memorial Graduation Scholarship – Hamilton District Christian High School (2018)
·      Extracurricular Certificate of Distinction – Hamilton District Christian High School (2016-2018)
Additional Qualifications
·      Abuse Awareness & Protection Training – Plan to Protect (2021)
·      Indigenous Canada Course Certificate – University of Alberta (2020)
·      Mental Health First Aid Certificate – Mental Health First Aid Canada (2019)

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