Sarah Don



  • I am a very determined person, thus when it comes to competitions or challenges, I work as hard as necessary to reach my goals. For example, I once memorized 749 digits of pi for a Grade 8 competition because I was determined to beat the record set the previous year. I also complete a daily workout involving pushups, sit-ups, calf raises, and squats because I am determined to increase my vertical jump for volleyball.
  • I am a very quick learner and enjoy teaching myself new skills. I have taught myself to solve 3 types of Rubik’s cubes, to do many different juggling and yo-yo tricks and to speak a small portion of the Dutch and Spanish languages.
  • I am a Christian and have grown up learning to be kind and compassionate. I am currently putting away about 10% of my earnings toward either building a well in Haiti or a different initiative such as donating money for chickens or other animals that will help bring sustainability and hope to those living in poverty.



 My main interests are playing volleyball, learning new juggling and yo-yo tricks, reading, leadership, wakeboarding, hiking in Costa Rica and the Adirondacks, mathematics, science, fish-keeping and observing organisms under a microscope.



High School Diploma, Rideau District High School, Elgin, ON        Expected Completion: June 2020

  • Highest GPA in 87.5% of classes from Grade 9-11
  • Key Courses: Link Crew 12 (96%), Biology 12 (99%), Advanced Functions 12 (98%)
  • Key Project: Link Crew – Organized Talent Show at my school developing my leadership skills
  • GPA: 96%

Challenge Program (Gr. 7-8), Loughborough Public School, Sydenham, ON   Sept 2014-June 2016

  • Grew in my academic and leadership skills through completing more academically demanding, hands-on work while attending the challenge program at Loughborough.

Grades 3-6, Timothy Christian School, Williamsburg, ON                                        Sept 2010-June 2014

  • Grew as a Christian and developed my social and academic skills through attending a private Christian school after being homeschooled for three years.

Redeemer University, Ancaster, ON                                                                                Sept 2020-April 2024

  • Will start my four-year degree for Honour’s major in Biology and minor in Mathematics this fall at Redeemer.



Cook, Dishwasher, Housekeeper, Stirling Lodge, Newboro, ON                                  Aug 2018-Present

  • Ensured satisfaction and learned to work better under stress and problem solve by making food for the guests as a full-time cook at Stirling Lodge
  • Eased the work of the waiters and waitresses by doing dishes as the dishwasher at Stirling Lodge
  • Created a more comfortable environment for the guests by cleaning the rooms and refilling towels and other necessities as a housekeeper at Stirling Lodge

Dishwasher, Cook, Camp IAWH, Godfrey, Ontario                                                            Sept 2017-Present

  • Gained work experience through doing dishes and cooking food for large groups of people during conventions at Camp IAWAH (In All Ways Acknowledge Him)
  • Learned better time management when I was the only dishwasher balancing both the kitchen’s and dining room’s dishes



Student Research Fellowship, Redeemer University College, Hamilton, Ontario              July 2019

  • Conducted real-life research and discovered sewage contamination in the Chedoke Watershed in Hamilton through collecting water samples and researching them in the lab to find the quantity and sources of E.coli and Total Coliforms.
  • Utilized technologies such as gel electrophoresis and polymerase chain reaction to test the samples as a part of the environmental molecular biology stream researching water contamination.

Youth Development Leadership Programs, Camp IAWAH, Godfrey, ON             Aug 2017-Aug 2019

  • Grew as a leader by doing dishes, keeping camp clean, and facilitating a canoe trip for youth during the 3-week CREW leadership program.
  • Improved leadership skills by hiking in the Adirondacks and running a day camp for the children in Westport as a member of the month-long ROOTS leadership program.
  • Broadened my knowledge of third-world poverty in Costa Rica, hiking the Costa Rican mountains and visiting the low-income communities as an international volunteer and member of the REACH program.

Family Camp and Toque Jr., Camp IAWAH, Godfrey, ON                                          Sept 2016, Feb 2020

  • Served approximately 70 people through washing and putting away dishes and cleaning bathrooms as a volunteer at Camp IAWAH for the entire Labor Day weekend of Family Camp.
  • Helped out in the community while gaining culinary experience working in the kitchen as a volunteer for the Toque Jr. convention at Camp IAWAH.

Fall Fair, Free Methodist Church, Westport, ON                                                          Sept 2016, 2018, 2019

  • Helped in the community by running different carnival games as a volunteer at the Fall Fair in Westport three different years.


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